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    Individual analyses

    The Company provides various analyses.

    Water analysis
    Water analysis is made for 89 components including chemical and microbiological characteristics. You can check suitability of drinking water, water from well, spring, draw-well, swimming pool, open reservoir, water of thermal networks, sewage and other sources of water.

    Air analysis
    Air analysis includes researches for the basic chemical and microbiological characteristics and is made for the purpose to reveal the air composition impact in a premise or outdoors to a human health.

    Soil analysis
    It is possible to make analysis of soil both from the personal garden site, and from the site for building within the limits of engineering-environmental researches. The analysis can include researches of all important environmental factors.

    Foodstuff analysis
    Analysis of foodstuff is made for identification of safety of the given foodstuff at use.

    Analysis of materials
    Examination of building and finishing materials, goods for children, clothes and footwear, perfumery-cosmetic production, forages for animals, fertilizers, fuel and oils for the basic sanitary-chemical parameters can be done in case of the need to identify safety of the given production at use.